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Perfumes Reviews

Perfumes ReviewsIf you want to purchase a perfume for your own needs or for someone else as a present, PerfumesReview.com is the perfect place for you to read about the most recent perfumes on the market you are barely aware, or absolutely unaware of. Or maybe you will learn more curious facts about your preferred fragrances. Anyway, you will improve your understanding of fragrances. The available pricing info will further help you find the most attractive prices on the World Wide Web.

The Most Exquisite Fragrances at the Most Attractive Prices

PerfumesReview.com is an independent web site offering perfumes reviews. Its purpose is to supply info about different perfumes and their specific olfactory features, lasting power, primary ingredients, as well as perfume application hints.

PerfumesReview.com comprises a vast collection of exhaustive articles dedicated to famous brands like: Lancome, Bvlgari, Chanel, Hugo Boss. Each fragrance review provides comprehensive info about the standard price of the respective perfume, its sensuous qualities, lasting power, etc. Image galleries are also included. Last, but certainly not least, the ingredients of each fragrance are also listed for you. What's more, you can order your preferred fragrance online.

Chopard Wish

Chopard launched the perfume Wish on the market in 1999. The fragrance was created by Nathalie Lorson. She managed to make exotic fragrance, including fruits, flowers, wood and spicy notes. This cute oriental fragrance creates special feeling of luxury and nobility.
For the advertising images of the perfume individually posed two beautiful models – Sarah King and Kati Tastet.
As the fragrance and as well as the advertising campaign evoke associations of with the perfume Angel on Thierry Mugler.

Valentino Rock ‘n Dreams

Rock ‘n Dreams is the fourth fragrance from the romantic series that includes Rock‘n Rose, Rock‘n Rose Couture, Rock‘n Rose pret a porter. The fashion house of Valentino has launched it in the stores in April 2009. Ilias Ermenidis is the perfumer who has created this composition. The beautiful Norwegian model Siri Tollerod becomes a front of the advertising campaign. The advertisement itself is provocative and erotic. Siri Tollerod is with a couple of friends. The three of them are dressed in white and the background is full of large colorful elements. The white color and the stylish flowers are really an important part of the Rock ‘n Dreams presentment. While talking the other two girls start touching Siri. One of them is caress her hair while the other one pulling her vest. At this moment Siri seems to start dreaming… she is inspired by a feeling brought by the scent of the perfume…

Salvatore Ferragamo

Always accurate, he is the designer of the shoes with high platforms, women sandals and their contemporary model with high heels and cork soles. Along with that he has invented many other innovations. The stats are showing that around 1960 he can be proud of the above 350 patents of shoe related innovations. He has won the prize ‘Neiman marcus’ (1947) that has never been won by a shoemaker before that – only designers of clothes.

Aromatherapy – healing through essential oils

Essential Oils have sprung to life long before antibiotics. They have been used as a means to help strengthen the body in both neurological and surgical practices. This was not a common practice solely based in Asia – Hippocrates had healed poisoning and jaundice using lemon and the protection of various plagues was possible through the inhaling of juniper.